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Promoting the Universal Principles of Non-Harming & Caring through Fair Trade & Mindfulness Education.

About Us

“Everything is connected.”

~Thich Nath Hanh, highly respected Vietnamese Buddhist teacher.

My Family

My Family

I to you. You and I to all plants and animals. All of us to our planet. We are completely dependent upon one another, not only for survival, but to live a happy and healthy life.

This is the fundamental philosophy of this site, which hopefully will benefit us all.

Before our youngest daughter was diagnosed with Autism, I was a typical environmentalist with a conventional perspective of the world. I donated to the appropriate groups, bought some fair trade products, recycled when possible, and worked to maintain my family’s relatively stable life.

During the decade following her diagnosis, my perspective of our world slowly, but fundamentally, changed. I was faced with extraordinary complications, unable to fully comprehend the “why” and the “what next”.

The why: Possible environmental pollutants affecting us in a new and more harmful way. The result of humankind’s action or inaction?

The what next: A new and broader perspective of the world, living and being comfortable in the present, regardless of the circumstances. Changing my lifestyle to be in line with this view. My family and I creating a more interdependent path with the entire world and all its inhabitants. Time to open our eyes and hearts to observe and realize the connectedness, to completely understand and be responsible for the effects of all of our actions and behaviors.

Compassionate Essentials is the result of my new view of the world. This site is about connectedness.