Why Wear a Lotus Flower Symbol in Your Jewelry?

“I love the lotus because while growing from mud, it is unstained.” -  Zhou Dunyi Zou Dunyi was a Chinese Neo-Confucian philosopher and cosmologist in the 11th century, but the symbolism and meaning of the lotus flower is not of Chinese origin.  The flower is common among Buddhist, Hindu, and Japanese, deities who are often […]

Symbolism and Meaning in Jewelry

Jewelry has been created through the ages as a means of communicating wealth or position in society.  In ancient Egypt, Greece’s Hellenistic period, the Roman Empire, and Britain’s monarchy, gold and precious stones were worn to symbolize importance. At the same time, various cultures have associated symbols in jewelry and gemstones with specific meanings.  We […]

Cultivate Compassion – Live Longer

The central motivation for the founding of Compassionate Essentials was to promote the interdependence of the individual with the entire world and its inhabitants.  We hoped to open the eyes and hearts of our customers to this human interdependence.  We believe that participating in the sales of Fair-Trade products would improve the world by giving […]