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Teaching Kids to Protect the Rainforests

Teaching Kids to Protect the Rainforests You’ve seen the shirts and posters that say save the Rainforest, but do you know why it is important to you? Rainforests touch everyone’s life. Tropical rainforests are filled with plants and animals- some that few people have ever seen. Those plants include many of the things we enjoy […]

Teach Children the Benefits of Fair Trade with these Classroom Resources

These Free Printables and Classroom Resources will help plan Fair Trade Curriculum   Here at Compassionate Essentials, we feel it is important to educate everyone about the benefits of fair trade, and children are no different. We’ve found some great resources on the Fair Trade market which are perfect for homeschooling or classroom use.  Incorporating, […]

Amazon Rainforest Ecosystem Facts

  The Amazon Rainforest Ecosystem The Amazon Rainforest Ecosystem is diverse. Rainforests are the home to 50% of the Earth’s plants and animals yet they only cover 2% of the Earth’s surface.  Important Facts on the Amazon Rainforest. How can you help save and protect the Earth’s rainforest? We are sharing some ideas. The first […]

The Year of Living Mindfully: Practice Mindfulness

Can you Practice Living Mindfully for an Entire Year?   The trend toward “mindfulness,” which, as most of us know, has its roots in Buddhist philosophy, has been identified by a host of references as being one of the most significant worldwide trends in 2014.  Communications firms (JWT Worldwide), CEOs (Bill Ford, Russell Simmons), journalists (Arianna […]

The Allure and Origin of Fair Trade Anklets

The Allure of Fair Trade Anklets Anklets have become a permanent fixture of American fashion.  Over the years, women from many cultures have worn ankle bracelets to create a sexy appearance, show their wealth, signal marital status, attract a suitor, and attract attention to bare feet.  Some believe that ankle bracelets may have been the […]

Why Wear a Lotus Flower Symbol in Your Jewelry?

  What is the  meaning of  the Lotus Flower Symbol? “I love the lotus because while growing from mud, it is unstained.” -  Zhou Dunyi Zou Dunyi was a Chinese Neo-Confucian philosopher and cosmologist in the 11th century, but the symbolism and meaning of the lotus flower is not of Chinese origin.  The Lotus flower […]

Symbolism and Meaning in Jewelry

Symbolism and Meaning in Jewelry: What does it Mean?   Various cultures have associated symbols in jewelry and gemstones with specific meanings such as buddha, yin/yang, and the Egyptian Ankh. Jewelry has been created through the ages as a means of communicating wealth or position in society.  In ancient Egypt, Greece’s Hellenistic period, the Roman […]

Cultivate Compassion: Live Longer

Educating Children about Compassion can Help us Live Longer   The central motivation for the founding of Compassionate Essentials was to promote the interdependence of the individual with the entire world and its inhabitants.  We hoped to open the eyes and hearts of our readers to this human interdependence. We believe that participating in the sales […]