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Real Cost of Energy

The following except is from an article written by Dr. Paul Krugman about the true cost of energy created by burning fossil fuels.  Dr. Paul Krugman is the 2008 winner of the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Science. His is discussing a new paper in the American Economic Review by Muller, Mendelsohn, and Nordhaus, (MMN). […]

Pema Chodron

“The big thing in my own experience is that the bravery is to not just go with a habitual pattern because it’s usually fear-based. Instead, stay present and open so you can connect with your underlying strength, which is called basic goodness. The seductiveness of habitual pattern is a false security, but we wouldn’t follow […]

Value of our Ecosystem

Amazon Rainforest, Largest Ecosystem on Earth “A group of prominent ecologists and economists, led by Dr. Robert Costanza, joined forces to estimate the value of 17 ecosystem services worldwide and came up with a conservative estimate that their value was at least equal to the global gross national product.” (1) An ecosystem is an area […]

Please Plant: Protecting and Restoring forests from Deforestation is essential to combating climate change.

Planting and Protecting Forests Can Save the Environment Forests breath in carbon dioxide. It is stored in the trees and soil. Half of the world’s terrestrial carbon is stored in forests. You can help stop deforestation by planting and protecting trees in your environment. “This, however, is not just a question of morality or ethics, […]

Hidden: The Bystander Effect

The bystander effect is an interesting psychological phenomenon. David Brooks recently wrote an opinion column for the NY Times titled “Let’s All Feel Superior” about the alleged child sexual abuse incidents at Penn State.  He offered explanations as to why “Many people do not intervene” in an “unsettling circumstance”. Normalcy Bias, Motivated Blindness and the […]