5 Save the Earth Activities for Earth Day

Earth Day is April 22. Arbor Day in America is the last Friday in April (sometimes falling on Earth Day). There are many things you can do to celebrate and help maintain our planet- recycling is something everyone can do. These 5 save the earth activities for Earth Day are simple ways you can make a difference.  What is Earth Day?


Save the Earth: Earth Day Activities

Save the Earth with these Earth Day Activities.


Save the Earth! We’ve rounded up five  great ways to get involved.


Save the pollinators.

Save the pollinators. Learn more at Wholefoods.com



earth day tree activity

Recycled Earth Day tree activity is great for an Arbor Day celebration too!



Earth Day activities for kids.

Earth Day activities for kids from Tinker Lab.



Learn how to make homemade paper.

Learn how to make homemade paper.



teach kids about sustainable living

Teach kids about sustainable living.


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